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We will be looking for career minded personnel to fill positions in the following fields:

Pipefitter       Welder       Plumber       DEP Manager        Chemist

CPA             Carpenter   CDL Driver   Accounting             Cashier

Child Care     Cooks         Lab tech       Recycler                 Security

Secretary       EMT         Admin           Clerk                       Drywall

Painter            Lab tech     Electrician   Human Resources   Framer

Marketing       Greeters     Attorney       Ground maint.         Sales

Advertising     Engineer   Fabrication   Quality Control       Janitor

 Any interested candidates should bring resume’ with attached photo to the Putnam County Fair APAGE booth where there will be more information available about the plasmafication process and the proposed Putnam County plant. Applications may also be brought to Charlies Staffing Co. 123 U.S. 17, Palatka Fl. 34567.

The Gasification Industry:       

                   Let’s Get Putnam Working!

There are more than 272 operating gasification plants worldwide with 686 gasifiers.  

Here is a list of comparable Westinghouse  Plasma Gasification Facilities:

Bilsthorpe Recycling Plant

United Kingdom

Kaidi Biomass Gasification Plant


Mihama-Mikata Waste Gasification Plant


Nagpur Waste Gasification Plant


Pune Waste Gasification Plant


Tees Valley 2 Waste-to-Energy

United Kingdom

Tees Valley Renewable Energy Facillity

United Kingdom

Utashinai Waste Gasification Plant


Apage is a Gas Plasma Waste to Energy Plant. Garbage is brought to the plant and recyclables removed. The remaining garbage is chipped up and prepared for the plasma chamber. Once inside, it is turned into fuel. The process uses Plasma Torches built by Westinghouse that operate at temperatures approaching 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature molecules are broken down into their individual components and the gases are separated. These gasses go through a recovery process and eventually recombine to form synthetic gas (SYNGAS). This gas is then refined into other products like diesel fuel for sale.

   This entire process uses garbage that would normally go to a landfill and eventually pollute the environment. The toxic chemicals are scrubbed and some combine with a glass-like aggregate. Once the heavy metals and other impurities are locked inside the glass it cannot leach out until it reaches thousands of degrees making it safe for roadbeds and other useful purposes. There is also an insulating material made from this aggregate that is gaining much interest from military and industry for its high temperature tolerance.

     There are a lot of active plants in operation and others coming online around the world. Many countries have already reached their capacity to store garbage and have simply run out of room. Now those countries are realizing a profit from garbage because they had the vision to try something revolutionary. It has paid off for them and helped to get the process moving forward driving innovation and improvements.