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Benefits & Advantages

Optimize Gate Fee (tipping fee) Sales and Energy Output SalesWPC_Gasifier_3D_V5_OPEN
Unlike the conventional incineration technology which can process only MSW and similar feedstocks, a Westinghouse Plasma Corp. gasifier can process virtually any feedstock including both solids and liquids. Plus it can process a blend of feedstocks. By determining the right mixture of feedstocks predicated on gate fee and calorific value, job owners can optimize their revenue streams.

As long as there is some flexibility built into the feedstock handling systems, plasma gasification facility owners can shift feedstocks over the life of the plant to take advantage of feedstocks with higher gate fees.

In many markets, plasma gasification, notably in combination with gas turbines or reciprocating engines, qualifies for green energy motivators. In the united kingdom, Air Products will receive two Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs) for every MWh produced at the Tees Valley facility.

Reduce Start up and Operational Risk
Westinghouse Plasma Corp. is installing its fourth generation gasifier at Air Products' Tees Valley job. The issues normally related to the process of first generation technology have been experienced and solved. Most of Westinghouse Plasma Corp.'s direct competitors haven't yet installed their technology into their first commercial facility. Westinghouse Plasma Corp.'s experience during the commissioning and processes at previous installations, like the Hitachi Metals EcoValley plant in Japan, will result in a shorter commissioning interval and higher availability for customers during the first years of operation.

Westinghouse Plasma Corp. will continue to get commissioning and operational expertise at the Tees Valley facility and other future plants become operational.

Reduce Letting Time and Expense
Westinghouse Plasma Corp. gasification technology, in a combined cycle or reciprocating engine application, will meet all the demands of the EU's Waste Incineration Directive, as evidenced by Air Products' receipt of an environmental permit from the UK government's Environment Agency. Plus, the technology qualifies as Complex Thermal Treatment (ATT) and consequently gets preferential treatment over non-ATT technologies like incineration.

Outstanding Environmental Performance
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