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Our Team

The CEO and President of APAGE, Inc. is Garry McIntyre, a former Mayor and City Councilman of the City of Orange Park, Florida and former Chairman and Commissioner of the Clay County Board of Commissioners. He has intimate knowledge of managing a County Landfill, the pickup, transportation, handling and transfer of municipal solid waste and the County’s perspective on the liability generated for a county to manage its own landfill. He had direct line responsibility for a $171 million budget and presented with numerous landfill issues upon taking office. Mr. McIntyre has led the efforts in presenting to counties, providing plasma arc gasification workshops and interfaced with Pentagon biofuels specialists and officials with the US Navy. Although not a scientist, Mr. McIntyre is able to put plasma arc gasification of municipal solid waste while manufacturing advanced biofuels and bio-chemicals, into a perspective even a non-science oriented politician can understand. He is the corporation’s lead sales person. A big picture thinker, he pushes to keep the project moving forward on a daily basis. His approach is complimented by a good number of detail-oriented associates. Mr. McIntyre owns his own real estate development and construction company.

The CFO is Mr. Karl Kronquist. In addition, he will serve as the Vice Chairman. As a ‘hired gun’ in operational consulting from the financial perspective, Mr. Kronquist spent over a decade as a road warrior. Engaged with of a regionally based firm, he worked for clients such as Ernst & Young, Danka, Ikon, CNA, Staubach Companies, Lanier and many others to interface with process consultants, industrial engineers, executive staff, managers and key stakeholders in extracting maximum savings from current processes. One client could not get a daily form across town (20 miles) which cost the company $3,000,000 per year. Consequently, their Discount A/P specialist had little to do on a regular schedule. Prior to national consulting, Mr. Kronquist was a turn-around consultant. Numerous projects were managed to improved situations. A nationally known railcar repair facility with a rail bridge fabrication division and a private rail car restoration service wanted to restructure for improved capabilities, market position and financial returns. The owner ultimately wanted to sell and he received his desired price. Other companies included startup manufacturer, an eight hundred acre wholesale broadleaf evergreen nursery and a regional boutique investment banking firm. He is experienced in large and medium corporations, wholesale to retail and manufacturing to vendor companies. He will perform the duties of Chief Financial Officer. He has maintained his consulting contacts and business.

The CSO (Chief Science Officer) is Robert H Heistand II, Ph. D. who received a doctorate in chemistry from Cornell University.   He has 15 years of experience in New Business Development with Dow Chemical and 17 years as General Manager with P&L responsibility for 5 business units of AVX Corporation. As a former Fortune 100 associate he is an inventor on 22 patents.  In addition to being the technical liaison with AlterNrg, he is in charge of process optimization and efficiency improvements, and responsible for quality, environmental, and safety standards.